Adding KiwiVision™ cameras as tracking systems to Security Center - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2
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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

Before you can monitor a restricted area secured by a KiwiVision™ positional tracking camera, you must add the camera to Security Center as a tracking system.

Before you begin

  • Prepare your camera for KiwiVision™ positional tracking.
  • Create a georeferenced map in Security Center.

    For more information, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.

  • Ensure that enough short-range sensor licenses are available in Restricted Security Area Surveillance role > Properties > Licenses.
  • If you plan on using a PTZ camera as a fixed camera, turn off the PTZ switch in the camera's Hardware page.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Area view task.
  2. Click Add an entity (), and then select Tracking system.
    The Add tracking system wizard opens.
  3. On the Tracking system information page, enter the following information:
    Select RSA Kiwi Positional Tracking.
    Enter a unique name for this tracking system.
  4. Click Next page ().
  5. On the Communication page, enter the following information:
    Entity selector
    Select the camera configured as a KiwiVision™ positional tracking system. Note that only fixed cameras are listed.
  6. Click Next page ().
  7. Click Refresh connection status () to connect.
    The connection is successful only if the selected camera is online and all KiwiVision™ Analyzer roles are online.
  8. When the connection status turns Online (), click Next page ().
  9. On the Specific configuration page, click Calibrate to calibrate your KiwiVision™ positional tracking system.
    A pop-up window opens, with your live camera feed on the left, and your default map on the right.
    Sample KiwiVision™ positional tracking system calibration window.
    Calibration involves matching specific points in the camera view to GPS coordinates on a map. You need to create at least four calibration points. For this step, you need to have someone on site equipped with a GPS.
    Tip: We recommend using a GPS app that can display the coordinates in Decimal degrees as this is the format you need to enter the coordinates of the calibration points on the map.
  10. Click the Map drop-down list and select the map to use for calibration.
    Only GIS maps are listed.
  11. Zoom in on the map to the area that corresponds to the area viewed on the camera.
  12. Ask your assistant to move into the field of view of the camera you are calibrating.
  13. Click Add () to add a new calibration point.
    A red dot appears at the center of the camera view.
  14. Move the red dot to where your assistant is standing, placing it directly over the person's feet.
  15. Ask your assistant to read to you the GPS coordinates from where they are standing.
  16. Enter the GPS coordinates in the Latitude and Longitude fields under the map view.
    The red dot on the map should indicate the exact position where your assistant is standing.
    NOTE: You can always move the red dot manually on the map, but it is not recommended. Only do it if you do not have someone to help you with a GPS.
  17. Ask your assistant to move to a different location and repeat the same process.
    When you add a new calibration point, the previous point turns green. The current point you are configuring is always red.
    Best Practice: The calibration points should be as far apart as possible. You need a minimum of four calibration point. Eight is recommended for better accuracy.
  18. To remove a calibration point, select it on the camera view and click Remove ().
  19. When you are finished, click Validate to save your calibration points.
    The pop-up window closes.
  20. On the RSA configuration page, click Finish.
    WARNING: Do not turn on the Activation switch for the Intrusion detected event or you risk flooding the Directory with too many events.
    The KiwiVision™ positional tracking system () with a short-range sensor () is listed in the Area view entity tree.
  21. If you need to readjust the calibration, go to the tracking system's Properties page and click Calibrate.

After you finish

Create RSA zones.