Arming and disarming RSA zones from maps in Security Center - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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When an RSA zone is armed, it is ready to detect targets that cross into it. You can arm and disarm an RSA zone from the map in Security Desk.

What you should know

  • By default, RSA zones are green when armed, and gray when disarmed. If the RSA zone is red, an intruder was detected and the zone is in alert. To change the default colors, see Configuring the behavior of RSA zones.
  • You can configure RSA zones to be armed and disarmed automatically when specific events are triggered. These events are configured per RSA zone. For more information, see Creating RSA zones in Security Center.


  1. In Security Desk, open the Maps task.
  2. Open the map, and then do one of the following:
    • From the map, right-click the RSA zone, and select Arm or Disarm.
    • In the RSA intrusions panel, beside the RSA zone in the Zones view, click Actions > Arm or Disarm.
    The RSA zone changes color.