Custom events added by the RSA Surveillance plugin - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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The RSA Surveillance plugin adds custom events to Security Center. These events can be used as query filters in activity reports or to create event-to-actions.

Event Description
RSA Generic Event This event is configured as the RSACustomEventId in the Genetec™ driver macro, and the macro was executed.

This event is used to create targets in the RSA Surveillance plugin when native Security Center events are triggered.

For more information, see Triggering RSA target creations using events.

RSA zone armed An RSA zone was armed.
RSA zone disarmed An RSA zone was disarmed.
RSA zone maintenance started Maintenance mode was turned on for an RSA zone.
RSA zone maintenance completed Maintenance mode was turned off for an RSA zone.
RSA zone intrusion An intrusion was detected in an RSA zone for the first time. This occurs at the same time as the first Target created event in an RSA zone.
RSA zone intrusion finished All targets in an RSA zone have been acknowledged.
Target created A tracking system reported an intruder in an RSA zone.
Target detected A target was detected in an RSA zone. You can have several targets detected for the same intruder every time that intruder crosses into a new zone.
Target acknowledged A target was acknowledged.
Target active A target has become active.
Target inactive A target has become inactive.
Target hostile A threat was categorized as hostile.
Target threat changed The threat category of a target was changed.
Tracking system online A tracking system came online.
Tracking system offline A tracking system went offline.
Events specific to tracking system type
Intrusion detected An intrusion was detected by the tracking system.
Intrusion alert An intrusion that meets specific criteria configured in the tracking system was detected by the tracking system. For example, an object was detected entering a zone at a specific speed.
Perimeter intrusion detected An intrusion was detected by the perimeter tracking system.