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Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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A container is an isolated user space on a container platform running an instance of a particular container image.

container image

A container image is a static file that includes all the executable code, libraries, and platform settings needed to run an isolated process on a container platform, such as Docker.

container platform

A container platform is an IT infrastructure where you can run applications in isolated user spaces, called containers. Container platforms are usually more cost-effective than running multiple virtual machines.

Inter-System Gateway

The Inter-System (IS) Gateway is a Windows service that provides Security Center applications, access to independent systems running as containers on a virtualization platform.

Inter-System (IS) Gateway

IS Gateway

intrusion detection (analytics)

In KiwiVision™ video analytics, intrusion detection refers to the software technology that is used to automatically detect the intrusion of people, objects, or vehicles into protected or private areas when analyzing a video sequence.

KiwiVision™ Security video analytics

The KiwiVision™ Security video analytics module is part of the KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin, and adds analytics capabilities for security monitoring to Security Center.

KiwiVision™ video analytics

The KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin adds automation to security monitoring and people counting tasks through the KiwiVision™ Security video analytics and KiwiVision™ People Counter modules.

map object

Map objects are graphical representations on your maps of Security Center entities or geographical features, such as cities, highways, rivers, and so on. With map objects, you can interact with your system without leaving your map.


A plugin (in lowercase) is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing program. Depending on the context, plugin can refer either to the software component itself or to the software package used to install the software component.

plugin role

A plugin role adds optional features to Security Center. A plugin role is created by using the Plugin role template. By default, it is represented by an orange puzzle piece in the Roles view of the System task. Before you can create a plugin role, the software package specific to that role must be installed on your system.


The Plugins task is an administration task that you can use to configure plugin-specific roles and related entities.

RSA coverage zone

An RSA coverage zone is a horizontal RSA zone that cannot be disarmed. When targets are detected in a coverage zone, all the same events are generated in the Monitoring task, but no event notification bubbles are displayed on the map. Only the outline of the coverage zone is represented on the map.

RSA perimeter

An RSA perimeter is a logical representation of a physical barrier, such as a fence or border of a property, displayed as a line on georeferenced map in Security Center.

Restricted Security Area Surveillance

The Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance plugin integrates third-party tracking systems into the Security Center ecosystem.

Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance

RSA Surveillance

RSA target

An RSA target represents an intruder in a restricted area on a map. When an intruder is detected entering the area, a map object is created in the RSA zone that represents the restricted area, and is shown on the map until the target is acknowledged.

RSA zone

An RSA zone defines the boundaries of a restricted area. In Security Center, an RSA zone is shown as a colored shape or outline on a map. The color indicates if the zone is armed, disarmed, or in alert. When a tracking system reports an intrusion, the RSA Surveillance plugin generates an event if the intrusion occurs in an armed RSA zone.

tracking system

A tracking system for the RSA Surveillance plugin is a device or a system of devices used to monitor restricted areas to detect intrusions. There are two types of tracking systems. The first detects perimeter violations using sensors on the perimeter fence. The second detects foreign objects entering and moving through a restricted area using radar, lasers, cameras that have video analytics, and thermal sensors.

video analytics scenario

A video analytics scenario is an analytics configuration that is applied to video streams and that defines what information in the video is analyzed.