How the RSA Surveillance plugin integrates your tracking system in Security Center - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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The RSA Surveillance plugin is a software module that integrates different tracking systems into Security Center.

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The following components make up a tracking system integration in the Security Center:
RSA Surveillance plugin
The plugin is installed on a Security Center expansion server. The plugin forwards events from tracking devices to Security Center. The events are stored in the plugin database. Communication between the Security Center clients, Security Desk and Config Tool, are encrypted using the RabbitMQ message broker, which is installed with the plugin.
RSA devices
Third-party tracking devices. Some of the RSA devices support communication protocols that enable them to communicate directly with the RSA Surveillance plugin. Others must rely on their manufacturer's server and software to communicate with the plugin. For more information on how each type of device communicates with RSA Surveillance plugin, see the following topics:
Security Center cameras
Security Center cameras capture the activity of intruders, called targets in RSA Surveillance plugin. Depending on your deployment, the cameras can be configured and managed in your tracking system or in Security Center.

When you add your cameras to Security Center and assign them to the relevant RSA zones, you can track targets as they move through each camera's field of view. All video is recorded and stored by the Security Center Archiver.

Some cameras include intelligent video analytics and are added to Security Center as an RSA tracking system.