Investigating reported RSA targets - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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Use the RSA investigation report to investigate all acknowledged targets reported within a time range and geographic area.

What you should know

Use the report to learn the following:
  • The types of targets that were detected
  • The target identifications if they are available
  • When targets were created in Security Center
  • When targets were acknowledged
  • The RSA zones in which the targets were detected
  • The user name of the operator who acknowledged each target
  • The average speed (km per hour) at which a target traveled
  • The density distribution of the targets on a map by using the Heat map
NOTE: In the RSA investigation report, sometimes the target and path of a fused target do not display on a map. Refresh the map by moving the map around.


  1. From the Security Desk homepage, open the RSA investigation task.
  2. Choose one or more of the following report filters:
    The type of target that was detected; for example, an animal, vehicle, aircraft, or unknown. When this filter is off, the report includes all types of targets.
    Define an area to query:
    1. Click to open the Area window.
    2. Select a map from the list.
    3. On the map, press and hold Ctrl, while you click and drag to draw a shape.
    4. Click Select area.
    Displayed area
    If the Heat map is enabled, you can select this option to query the displayed map area.
    The RSA zones configured in the system.
    Average speed
    The average speed of the target from slowest to fastest speed in kilometers per hour.
    Ack time
    The period within which the target was acknowledged.
    Creation time
    The period within which the target was detected.
    The threat category of the target. The default categories are Friend, Undefined, and Hostile.
    The reason for the target acknowledgment. The reasons include the following:
    The target was acknowledged in a version of the RSA Surveillance plugin earlier than 4.0.
    An alarm associated with the intrusion was acknowledged.
    Manual acknowledgment
    The target was manually acknowledged in Security Desk.
    Incident state change
    The state of the Genetec Mission Control™ incident changed.
    The target was automatically acknowledged by the system after the Inactivity period before acknowledgment has elapsed.
    Zone in maintenance
    The target was acknowledged because the RSA zone it was detected in was set to maintenance mode.
    The identification of the target.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The targets are listed in the report pane.
  4. In the report pane, click a target to display it on the map, or enable Heat map to view the density distribution.
    NOTE: If the Heat map is enabled, you can select which map you want to analyze by clicking . The displayed density is a color gradient from red (high number of targets) to blue (low number of targets).
  5. In the Replay widget, click Play () to replay the target's path and to request associated video.
  6. View the selected target's speed and direction in the Target widget.
  7. Click View surrounding cameras () to watch the video from the cameras currently associated to the related RSA zone.
  8. If a description was added for the target, click Describe target () to view it.