Preparing a Sysco NeoLine fence sensor system for integration with Security Center - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2
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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

To prepare your Sysco NeoLine fence sensor system for integration with Security Center, you must configure specific settings.

Before you begin

Preparing your tracking system is part of the larger integration process. Follow the steps before and after step Prepare Security Center in the Integration overview for the RSA Surveillance plugin.


  1. Log on to the SenseControl application.
  2. From the Dashboard, select User administration, and then create a user account with read access.
  3. Add a georeference point and set the 3D position for each radar or sensor.
  4. Add a Websocket Server node, and configure the following:
    • Enter a unique port number.
    • Set the connection timeout to 0 seconds.
    • Require users to log on.
    • Filter nodes and properties.
    • Send all nodes.
    • If you will import alarm areas as RSA zones, set Properties option to All properties.
    Leaving all properties on can cause instability on the sensor system. So, after the alarm areas are imported in the RSA plugin role, set Properties to Documented properties.
  5. Note the following information for later configuration of the plugin:
    • IP address of the SenseControl Websocket server
    • Port used by SenseControl Websocket server to communicate with the plugin
    • Username and password for remote access

After you finish