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An RSA perimeter is a logical representation of a physical barrier, such as a fence or border of a property, displayed as a line on georeferenced map in Security Center.

A line drawn on a map becomes an RSA perimeter when you assign a perimeter device, or an OPTEX laser configured for vertical mode as the identity of that map object. Unlike RSA zones, RSA perimeters are not entities you create in Security Center.
NOTE: For some perimeter intrusion detection systems, perimeters are imported automatically onto the map when the system is added to Security Center.

RSA perimeter states

The color of the RSA perimeter on the map indicates its state, and can be changed from the tracking system's Properties page:
The RSA perimeter is white, and does not change color when an intruder is detected crossing the perimeter.
The RSA perimeter is black, and changes color when an intruder is detected crossing the perimeter.
System warning
The RSA perimeter turns orange when the perimeter device reports an error.
If Change color on intrusion is enabled, the RSA perimeter turns purple when an intruder is detected crossing the perimeter.

RSA perimeters used with RSA zones

If you have RSA perimeters but no RSA zones defined on a map, when the perimeter is breached, the RSA perimeter changes color, but there is no indication of where along the perimeter the intrusion occurred. Targets and their paths are only displayed on maps if they are detected in an RSA zone.

If you want to detect the exact location of a target, you must create an RSA zone surrounding the RSA perimeter.