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Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

An RSA target represents an intruder in a restricted area on a map. When an intruder is detected entering the area, a map object is created in the RSA zone that represents the restricted area, and is shown on the map until the target is acknowledged.

Target activity states

Targets can be active or inactive. When a target has not moved for a configured period, it becomes inactive, and the border of the map object changes from white to black. Inactive targets are automatically acknowledged after a configured period. Target activity behavior is configured on the Properties page of the plugin role.

The target on the left is active and the target on the right became inactive, generating the Target inactive event on the RSA zone.

Target activity states can be used to filter which targets are displayed on maps and listed in the RSA intrusions panel.

Target types

For targets to be easier to identify on maps, they can be classified into different types, such as Person, Aircraft, Vehicle, and so on. Each target type is identified by a customizable icon. By default, targets are classified as Unknown and are represented by the target icon ().
NOTE: Some tracking systems can automatically classify targets by type as they are detected. To learn which tracking systems support automatic target type classification, see Tracking System Compatibility for the Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin 4.2.

Target threat categories

Target threat categories help you quickly assess how dangerous a target is by its color on the map. Threat categories can also be used to filter out targets from triggering intrusions in RSA zones. This is configurable per zone.

There are three default threat categories:
Identifies a non-threat. The target is green by default.
The default threat category when a target is created. The target is gray by default.
Identifies a high threat. The target is red by default.

Additional threat categories can be defined, and their colors can be customized.

Zone 1 and Zone 2 are configured to only allow Undefined and Hostile targets to generate intrusion events. Both zones are armed (green). The following occurs when a target is detected:
  1. An Undefined target enters Zone 1. The zone turns red and is in alert. Intrusion events are generated.
  2. The operator checks the associated video and identifies the target as an employee that is authorized to be in the area. The operator changes the target threat category to Friend.
  3. The target crosses into Zone 2. The zone remains green, and no intrusion events are generated.