Triggering RSA target creations using events - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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You can use native Security Center events and custom events to trigger the creation of RSA targets in the RSA Surveillance plugin, using the Genetec™ tracking system and Genetec™ driver macro.

What you should know

How target creations are triggered using native Security Center events:
  • Event-to actions are created automatically based on the events configured in the Genetec™ tracking system.
  • When the Security Center event is generated, the event-to-action triggers the macro to run. When the macro is run, the RSA Generic Event specified in the macro configuration is generated, which triggers the RSA Surveillance plugin to create an RSA target, based on the configuration of the Genetec™ tracking system.
How target creations are triggered using custom events:
  • When the custom event configured in the Genetec tracking system is generated, the RSA Surveillance plugin creates an RSA target.


  1. Create and configure the Genetec™ driver macro.
  2. Create and configure the Genetec tracking system.