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Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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The RSA Surveillance plugin 4.2 includes the following new integrations and features.

New integration

Inter-System Gateway
The Inter-System (IS) Gateway is a Windows service that provides Security Center applications, access to independent systems running as containers on a virtualization platform.

Starting with version 4.2, the RSA Surveillance plugin is compatible with this new service. This means that your system can readily work with future tracking systems integrated through the IS Gateway service without having to upgrade your plugin every time. For more information, see the Inter-System Gateway Configuration Guide.

HGH infrared cameras
HGH is the first integration using the IS Gateway service. HGH cameras can report GPS position of the targets and report the target ID when the Automatic Identification System (AIS) stream is available.

Target auto-tracking

The auto-pan of PTZ cameras to new targets has been enhanced to an auto-tracking feature. Instead of only pointing a PTZ camera to the new target, the system now tracks the target as it moves within the RSA zone. Both PTZ cameras and fixed cameras can be used. The auto-tracking feature automatically selects the camera that has the best view of the target. If a PTZ camera is locked by someone, the system uses the next one in line based on the configured camera priority list.

Instead of one setting for the entire system, the auto-tracking feature can be enabled at the RSA zone level. Note that the old system-wide setting, Focus PTZ cameras in range when a new target is created, has been removed. For more information, see Configuring PTZ cameras for auto-tracking.

Target filtering

To help your operators focus on real threats, two new features have been introduced in 4.2 to reduce the amount of distractions.
Filter by target type
In 4.1, you could ignore certain targets based their threat category (Friend, Undefined, Hostile). In 4.2, you can also filter out targets based on their type (Unknown, Animal, Person, and so on). This new setting is found at the zone level. For more information,m see Creating RSA zones in Security Center.
Target ID support
The RSA Surveillance plugin is now able to accept the target identification reported by tracking systems such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Automatic Identification System (AIS). These IDs can be displayed as a tooltip above the targets on the maps, and added to a list of friendly targets to avoid triggering unnecessary alerts. For more information, see Configuring the behavior of RSA zones.

Improved troubleshooting tool

You can now delete child devices from a tracking system, eliminating the need to deactivate and reactivate a tracking system to get rid of child devices that have been replaced. Thus, the Deactivate command for tracking systems has been removed.