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Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The SALTO Virtual Network plugin 3.0 integration includes the following known issues.
Issue Description
937948 Because SALTO Virtual Network cardholder timetables and SALTO Virtual Network access point timed periods are imported into Security Center as schedules, if you named a timetable the same as a timed period, then you get two schedules with the same name in Security Center.
937949 If you delete the SALTO Virtual Network plugin role, all imported entities, except doors and lockers, remain in Security Center. If you re-create the plugin role, when you synchronize it, you will have duplicate entities. This feature allows you to migrate from SALTO Virtual Network to another access control system.
Workaround: If the plugin role was deleted accidentally, delete all SALTO Virtual Network entities in Security Center, recreate the role, and then re-synchronize the systems.
937950 SALTO Virtual Network locations and functions are not imported into Security Center.
937952 Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) for SALTO Virtual Network keypads are not synchronized with Security Center.
Workaround: You must manage keypad PINs in the SALTO ProAccess software.
937953 Access rules from the SALTO Virtual Network system are not imported into Security Center. You must create all access rules in Security Center.
937966 Only a single SALTO Virtual Network plugin role can operate at a time. If you create a second plugin role, it will not start and will remain in a warning state.
941406 When the SALTO Virtual Network role is restarted, the monitored events that occurred in the past minute are displayed again in the Monitoring task of Security Desk, so you see duplicate events.