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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The SALTO Virtual Network plugin 3.0 integration includes the following limitations.
Issue Description
930311 By default, the Cardholder access rights report only includes doors that are assigned to areas.
Workaround: To see SALTO Virtual Network doors that are not assigned to areas, click the search filter icon, click Role, select the SALTO Virtual Network plugin, select the doors you want in the report, and then generate the report.
930312 In the Cardholder configuration report, the Last access column displays unknown, even when there was access.
930315 The Area presence report is not supported for this version of the SALTO Virtual Network plugin.
930316 The Time and Attendance report is not supported for this version of the SALTO Virtual Network plugin.
937062 When doors that are not part of a SALTO Virtual Network zone are imported into Security Center, they are added to the SALTO Virtual Network plugin's default area (zone). You cannot remove these doors from the SALTO Virtual Network plugin area, but you can add them to other areas.
Workaround: After the systems have already been synchronized: copy the door to another area by pressing CTRL while clicking the door, and then drag the door to the desired area.
Workaround: Before you import SALTO doors into Security Center for the first time, use SALTO ProAccess SPACE to add the new doors to zones.
937945 The Genetecâ„¢ Server that runs the plugin role and the Salto SHIP server must have matching computer dates, times, and time zone. If there is a mismatch, events are not reported accurately and the system does not sync properly.
937946 SALTO schedules (timetables) include holidays and two special days, which are not imported into Security Center.
937947 In SALTO, a cardholder schedule (timetable) can only contain eight periods, where a period is a unique block of time, regardless of the day of the week.
937954 Access rules created in Security Center overwrite the rules created in SALTO.
937955 Only one access rule for a pair of Door or Area and Cardholder or Cardholder Group is supported for SALTO.
937956 Access rules for SALTO can only grant access. Denying access is not supported for SALTO.
937957 If you change the name or description of a locker in Security Center, your changes are not updated in SALTO.
937959 If you create an empty schedule in SALTO ProAccess SPACE, during import, the schedule is ignored by Security Center.
937964 The SALTO plugin must be running for SALTO events to be reported in Security Center. If the plugin is not running, you will see a warning message in the report and the Monitoring task.
937969 If a cardholder's credential (key) status is changed in the SALTO ProAccess SPACE software, the status is only updated in Security Center when you synchronize the two systems. To ensure that you have the latest credential status, import entities from SALTO.
940763 By default, access control activity reports display doors and lockers in the Area column.
Workaround: If you want to see the activity for a specific area, generate reports for that area alone.
941502 If you delete a reader unit associated to a SALTO door in Security Center, the reader can only be restored by importing entities from SALTO.

Details: Readers do not exist in SALTO. When you import a door from SALTO, Security Center creates a reader for that door. If you delete the reader in Security Center, and then want to restore it, you simply re-import SALTO entities.

941660 The warning message Door locks should normally be configured appears at the bottom of the Door Hardware tab because the door lock is unassigned. Security Center expects a door to lock, but the locks are managed in SALTO.
Workaround: You can ignore this message.