Preparing to install the SALTO Virtual Network plugin - SALTO Virtual Network 3.0

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.0

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SALTO Virtual Network 3.0
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Before you install the SALTO Virtual Network plugin, you must do some pre-configuration tasks.


  1. Read the release notes for any known issues, limitations, supported firmware, and other information about this release.
  2. Install Security Center 5.6 SR1 CU1 or later on the server.
  3. Check that your Security Center license has a valid certificate for the SALTO Virtual Network plugin, and a valid part number.
    The following part numbers are available:
    • GSC-1PSALTOSVN : 1 SVN Plugin and 10 doors
    • GSC-1PSALTOSVN-1D : 1 SVN Doors
    • GSC-1PSALTOSVN-1L : 1 SVN Lock
      NOTE: The license number is included in the product-release email sent by the product manager of Genetec Inc. This email also includes links to the plugin download package and other license information.
  4. Verify that SALTO SHIP server version 1.25a or later is running in the SALTO network.
  5. Verify that the SALTO SHIP server can communicate with the Security Center server that hosts the Genetecâ„¢ SALTO Virtual Network plugin.
  6. Verify that the SALTO SHIP server and the SALTO Virtual Network plugin server have the same date, time, and time zone.
    If these values do not match, events are not reported accurately and the system does not sync properly.
  7. Using SALTO ProAccess SPACE, create doors, lockers, and areas (zones).
    NOTE: Although you can create areas (zones) in Security Center, afterward you must reinitialize each door using the SALTO Portable Programmable Device (PPD). For this reason, it is easiest to create zones using SALTO ProAccess SPACE, initialize the doors, and then import the doors in Security Center.
  8. In SALTO ProAccess SPACE, add your doors and lockers to areas (zones).
    When doors that are not part of a SALTO Virtual Network zone are imported into Security Center, they are added to the SALTO Virtual Network plugin's default area (zone). You cannot remove these doors from the SALTO Virtual Network plugin area, but you can add them to other areas.