Applying Security Center access rules to SALTO doors, lockers, and zones - SALTO Virtual Network 3.2

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.2

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SALTO Virtual Network 3.2
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So that cardholders can open SALTO doors and lockers, you must add the cardholders to access rules, and then add the rules to your SALTO doors and lockers.


  1. In Config Tool, create an access rule.
    For more information on how to create access rules in Config Tool, see Creating access rules and Selecting who has access to doors.
  2. Add cardholders and cardholder groups to the rule.
  3. Define a schedule that contains eight or fewer time periods, and then apply your changes.
    In SALTO, a cardholder schedule (timetable) can only contain eight periods, where a period is a unique block of time, regardless of the day of the week. The following image shows a schedule that contains three time periods:
    • Period 1) 8:00 to 5:30
    • Period 2) 8:00 to 10:45
    • Period 3) 12:45 to 3:45

  4. Add the access rule to the door or doors and apply your changes.
    Security Center immediately exports the rules to the SALTO Virtual Network system.
  5. Update the cardholder's credentials: from the Cardholder Management task, select a cardholder, open the Modify cardholder window, click the Salto credential management button, and then click Update.
    Within seconds, authorized cardholders can unlock the doors and lockers for the specified schedules.
    NOTE: If a Security Center access rule is updated in SALTO ProAccess SPACE, it will be overridden when the access rule is updated in Security Center.