Enabling office mode on online SALTO doors - SALTO Virtual Network 3.2

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You can put an online SALTO door in office mode using the SALTO door widget in Security Desk.

Before you begin

  • For each online door that you want to set to office mode, select the door from the entity browser in Config Tool, click on the Properties tab, and select Office from the Open mode list.

  • Ensure that cardholders who need to open doors in office mode have the proper credentials.

What you should know

  • Office mode works similarly to the first-person-in rule on Security Center doors. After a cardholder with the proper credentials opens the door, it remains unlocked until an operator ends office mode in Security Desk.
  • You cannot enable office mode on offline doors, suites and rooms from Security Desk.


  1. In Security Desk, open the Monitoring task.
  2. Drag the door, room, or locker from the area view to a tile.
  3. Click the Start office mode button () button in the Office section of the SALTO door widget.


The online door remains in office mode until you click the End office mode () button in the Office section of the widget.