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The SALTO Virtual Network plugin 3.2 includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
941660 3.0 The warning message Door locks should normally be configured appears at the bottom of the Door Hardware tab because the door lock is unassigned. Security Center expects a door to lock, but the locks are managed in SALTO.
Workaround: You can ignore this message.
941406 3.0 When the SALTO Virtual Network role is restarted, the monitored events that occurred in the past minute are displayed again in the Monitoring task of Security Desk, so you see duplicate events.
937959 3.0 If you create an empty schedule in SALTO ProAccess SPACE, during import, the schedule is ignored by Security Center.
937956 3.0 Access rules for SALTO can only grant access. Denying access is not supported for SALTO. Deny rules that are created in Security Center are not exported to SALTO ProAccess SPACE.
937955 3.0 You can only assign one schedule to a cardholder for a specific door.
Workaround: Use cardholder groups to manage multiple schedules for a single cardholder.
937954 3.0 Access rules created in Security Center overwrite the rules created in SALTO ProAccess SPACE.
937947 3.0 In SALTO, a cardholder schedule (timetable) can only contain eight periods, where a period is a unique block of time, regardless of the day of the week.
937946 3.0 SALTO calendars include holidays and two special days. Security Center does not support Holiday, Special 1 and Special 2 schedules, so the data is deleted during import.
Workaround: Manually create holiday and special-day schedules into Security Center after import.
937945 3.0 The Genetecâ„¢ Server that runs the plugin role and the SALTO SHIP server must have matching computer dates, times, and time zone. If there is a mismatch, events are not reported accurately and the system does not sync properly.
937062 3.0 When doors that are not part of a SALTO Virtual Network zone are imported into Security Center, they are added to the SALTO Virtual Network plugin's default area (zone). You cannot remove these doors from the SALTO Virtual Network plugin area, but you can add them to other areas.
Workaround: After the systems have already been synchronized: copy the door to another area by pressing CTRL while clicking the door, and then drag the door to the desired area.
Workaround: Before you import SALTO doors into Security Center for the first time, use SALTO ProAccess SPACE to add the new doors to zones.
930312 3.0 In the Cardholder configuration report, the Last access column displays unknown, even when there was access.
2315396 3.1 Events related to entities are received by the plugin even if it doesn't have access to the entity's partition.
2294859 3.1 A maximum of three authorization codes per cardholder can be imported from SALTO ProAccess SPACE to Security Center.
2136041 3.1 Changing the hardware configuration of a SALTO door prevents it from receiving events.
2042615 3.1 All mobile credentials created in SALTO ProAccess SPACE are deleted in Security Center when upgrading to version 3.1 of the plugin.
2042406 3.1 Following an upgrade to version 3.1 of SALTO Virtual Network plugin, you must deactivate and then reactivate the plugin role to connect to the SALTO SHIP server.
2025472 3.1 Following an upgrade to version 3.1 of SALTO Virtual Network plugin, the plugin will synchronize with SALTO ProAccess SPACE. If changes were made in SALTO ProAccess SPACE since the last synchronization, those modification will override the values in Security Center.
1992917 3.1 Cardholder credentials that are set to expire in SALTO ProAccess SPACE at a specific time, will expire at the 10-minute mark prior. For example, if the credential is set to expire at 12:56, it will actually expire at 12:50.
1960060 3.1 If a cardholder credential is set to disable after first use, a read on a SALTO lock is not taken into account.
1956403 3.1 If a custom data type created by SALTO is manually deleted, the associated custom field will not work as expected.
Workaround: To recreate the field, delete the associated custom field and restart the plugin. Perform a synchronization to update the field.
1956135 3.1 Regardless of the privileges they are assigned, Security Desk users cannot view the SALTO section in the dialog box to create or modify a cardholder.
947819 3.1 In Security Center 5.7 SR4 or earlier, if you create access rules for a SALTO door or area, and then add cardholders or a cardholder group to the door or area, they will not have access.
Workaround: Create an access rule, and then add the door or area, and cardholders or cardholder groups to it.
2315668 3.2 Events are not written to the access control cards of SALTO Hospitality guests, as they are not imported as Security Center cardholders.
Workaround: Collect the events using the SALTO portable programming device (PPD) and import the results into SALTO ProAccess SPACE so they can be accessed by Security Center.
2314783 3.2 When the plugin role is offline, hotel suite entities are displayed as being online in the entity browser.