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You must synchronize Security Center with the SALTO SHIP server after you create the plugin role and any time you update entities using SALTO ProAccess SPACE. During the synchronization, entities created in SALTO are imported into Security Center. Changes to entities in Security Center are exported automatically in the background, and they overwrite the settings in SALTO ProAccess SPACE.

What you should know

Some entities must be created in SALTO ProAccess SPACE and then imported into Security Center. Refer to the following table for details.
IMPORTANT: SALTO Virtual Network cardholder timetables and SALTO Virtual Network access point timed periods are imported into Security Center as schedules. If you gave a timetable the same name as a timed period, then you get two schedules with the same name in Security Center.
Entity type Create in
Access rules Config Tool
Areas (zones) either system
Key credentials either system
Cardholders (users) either system
Cardholder groups either system
Doors either system
Encoders SALTO ProAccess SPACE
Lockers SALTO ProAccess SPACE
Hotel suites SALTO ProAccess SPACE
Hotel rooms SALTO ProAccess SPACE
Schedules (timetables) either system
NOTE: If a Security Center access rule is updated in SALTO ProAccess SPACE, it will be overridden when the access rule is updated in Security Center.
  • Doors, lockers, suites, rooms, and encoders must be created in the SALTO ProAccess SPACE, and then imported into Security Center. Suites are represented as areas in Config Tool, while rooms are represented as doors. Rooms within suites are nested under the suite in Config Tool.
  • Changes made to suites, rooms, doors, lockers, areas, cardholders (users), cardholder (user) groups, schedules (timed periods and timetables), and access rules from Security Center are automatically exported to SALTO ProAccess SPACE. Changes made to the names of lockers are not exported from Security Center are automatically exported to SALTO ProAccess SPACE.
  • Members of cardholder groups are only imported the first time a group is imported into Security Center. Changes made to members later are not imported in subsequent synchronizations.
  • Zones can be created in Security Center; however, they will be created as high zones. Only low zones can be created in SALTO ProAccess SPACE. Zones cannot be changed from high to low, or low to high after creation. For more information about zones, refer to the Security Center Administrator Guide and the SALTO Virtual Network user manual.
  • When you import a door from SALTO, Security Center creates a reader for each door. If you delete the reader in Security Center, and then want to restore it, you must re-import the door by synchronizing with SALTO ProAccess SPACE.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the Salto plugin role, and then click the Synchronization tab.
    If this is the first import, the status shows Ready for Import. Expect the first import to take a little longer than usual because all of the entities must be created.
  3. Click the Import button.
  4. When the import is complete, review the Quantity imported for each type of entity to confirm that you have imported the number of entities you expected.