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SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) Plugin Guide 3.2

SALTO Virtual Network
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The SALTO Virtual Network plugin integrates SALTO Virtual Network access control systems in Security Center so that users can provide and monitor access to SALTO doors, SALTO lockers, areas, and events in Security Desk.

Administrator tasks using Config Tool

Using Config Tool and the SALTO Virtual Network plugin, system administrators can:

  • Connect to a single SALTO SHIP server.
  • Import doors, lockers, hotel suites, hotel rooms, ethernet-based encoders, areas, users (cardholders), user groups, access point timed periods (schedules), and cardholder timetables (schedules) from SALTO ProAccess SPACE into Security Center.
    NOTE: SALTO Hospitality guests are not imported as Security Center cardholders.
  • View status of a synchronization (import and export).
  • Manage SALTO keys and PINs (credentials); including update, assign, unassign, replace, view status, and change key expiration.
  • Link Security Center cameras to SALTO doors and lockers.
  • Trigger actions from SALTO ProAccess SPACE using hot actions, event-to-actions, and scheduled tasks.
  • Configure event-to-actions in Security Center using SALTO Virtual Network events and alarms.
  • Generate reports to view an audit trail of SALTO events.

Operator tasks using Security Desk

Using Security Desk with the SALTO Virtual Network plugin, operators can:

  • Manage SALTO keys (credentials); including update, assign, unassign, replace, view status, and change key and PIN expiration.
  • Monitor access control events as they occur from online doors, credentials and cardholders.
  • Monitor live and playback video related to access control events received from SALTO entities in the Monitoring task.
  • Monitor and acknowledge alarms using the Alarm monitoring task.
  • Configure event-to-actions using SALTO events.
  • Generate Security Center reports to search for past SALTO events and alarms.
  • Monitor the Federation™ host, entities, alarms, and events of a SALTO system connected to a federated Security Center system.

Where can you find more information?

For information about configuring and using your SALTO Virtual Network, see the SALTO ProAccess SPACE user manual. You can access this guide by clicking the ? icon on the SALTO ProAccess SPACE website.

For information about monitoring entities, alarms and events, and triggering actions in Security Desk, see the Security Center User Guide. You can access this guide by pressing F1 in Security Desk.

For information about creating event-to-actions in Config Tool, see the Security Center Administrator Guide. You can access this guide by pressing F1 in Config Tool.