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SDS Guardian

You can monitor SDS Guardian events and alarms from Security Desk, using the Monitoring, Alarm monitoring, and Maps tasks.

Bookmarked video

When a sensor detects a gunshot, video from linked cameras is bookmarked. This makes it easy for you to see when a shooting occurred on the video timeline. Bookmarks help you build investigations more easily, and help to protect video evidence since bookmarked video is retained longer by the system. Automatic bookmarks can be disabled.

Monitoring task

The Monitoring task is a type of operation task that you can use to monitor and respond to real-time events that relate to selected entities. Using the Monitoring task, you can also monitor and respond to alarms.

Alarm monitoring task

Alarm monitoring is a type of operation task that allows you to monitor and respond to alarms (acknowledge, forward, snooze, and so on) in real time, as well as review past alarms.

Maps task

Maps is a type of operation task that heightens your situational awareness by providing the context of a map to your security monitoring and control activities.

A custom map object is created by the SDS Guardian plugin for each Guardian Sensor.

The icon is gray () when the sensor is offline and becomes green () when the sensor is online.

Multiple gunshots are indicated by a plus sign ( and ).

Double-click a sensor on the map to open the Monitoring task. If cameras are linked to the sensor, their live video is shown in the tile.

NOTE: For more information on how to use the Monitoring, Alarm monitoring, Maps, and Bookmarks tasks, refer to the Security Center User Guide.