Acknowledging SDS Guardian alarms from the Maps task - SDS Guardian 3.1

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From the Security Desk Maps task, you can acknowledge gunshot detection alarms directly from a map, or you can acknowledge gunshot detection and sensor health alarms from the Alarms pane.

What you should know

IMPORTANT: Gunshots can be fired in rapid succession. To ensure that you receive alarms for all the gunshots, do not change the default Reactivation threshold of these alarms. The default Reactivation threshold is 0 (zero) seconds.
In the Maps task, sensor health alarms can only be acknowledged from the Alarms pane, and cannot be acknowledged from the sensor icons on the map.
NOTE: When a breadcrumb icon turns orange (), it looks like a sensor health alarm icon (). The difference between the two is that the breadcrumb icon always has a black border.

Sensor health alarm icons turn back to green automatically.


To acknowledge a gunshot detection alarm from a map:

  1. From the map, right-click a sensor that is in an alarm state, and do one of the following:
    1. Click Acknowledge alarm to acknowledge only the alarm triggered by that sensor.
    2. Click Acknowledge all SDS gunshot alarms to acknowledge all active gunshot detection alarms at the same time.

To acknowledge a gunshot detection or sensor health alarm from the Alarms pane:

  1. From the Maps toolbar, click Alarms ().
  2. In the Alarms pane, right-click an alarm, and then select an acknowledgment option.


The sensor icon turns green, and the corresponding alarm notification disappears.

For more information on alarm acknowledgment, see Acknowledging alarms.