How the SDS Guardian plugin works with Security Center - SDS Guardian 3.1

SDS Guardian Plugin Guide 3.1

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SDS Guardian 3.1
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SDS Guardian

When the SDS Guardian plugin is installed, you can monitor and respond to gunshots detected by your a Guardian Active Indoor Shooter Detection system (SDS Guardian system) from Security Center.


The following components are required for an SDS Guardian integration:
Expansion Server
An expansion server is any server machine in a Security Center system that does not host the Directory role. The purpose of the expansion server is to add to the processing power of the system.
The plugin is run on a Security Center expansion server to avoid affecting the performance of the Directory.
SDS Guardian plugin
The SDS Guardian plugin is a software package installed on a Security Center expansion server and client workstations. The plugin is required to create the SDS Guardian role. Use the role to integrate Guardian gunshot detection sensors in Security Center.
Guardian Gateway server
The Guardian Gateway server runs the Guardian Gateway application.

Communication between components

The SDS Guardian plugin communicates with the Guardian Gateway server over a TCP connection to receive gunshot detection and sensor health events from the SDS Guardian system. These events trigger Security Center alarms, which you can handle and monitor from the Security Desk Maps, Monitoring, or Alarm Monitoring tasks.