License options for SPS CheckPoint system integration - Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint 3.0

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Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint 3.0
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Before installing the plugin, you must update your Security Center license to include a certificate for the plugin. To update your license, contact us and provide the part numbers listed in this topic.

Part number Description Requirements
GSC-1PSPSCheckpoint This package provides a license for one SPS CheckPoint plugin that runs on a single Genetec Security Center system.

You need one license per Directory.

  • Synergis™ (Professional or Enterprise), Omnicast™ (Professional or Enterprise), or both.

Does your Security Center license include all the options you need?

In addition to a certificate for your plugin, ensure that your Security Center license includes all the options you expect to use in Security Center. For example, if you integrated a system that has visitors, you need the Visitors option in Security Center. If an option is missing, an error message is displayed when the server tries to create or modify the entity related to that option.

For a list of available license options, see License options in Security Center.