What is the SPS CheckPoint plugin? - Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint 3.0

SPS CheckPoint Plugin Guide 3.0

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Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint 3.0
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Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint
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Security Patrol System (SPS) CheckPoint is a plugin that is used to create guard tours and personnel sweeps that have a set or sequence of checkpoints that must be triggered to complete the tour. The plugin generates events when the guard tour criteria are not met. Checkpoints can be any Security Center event, such as access granted, PIN entered, license plate reads, motion detected, and more.

You can use the plugin to do the following:
  • Create a guard tour and associate different Security Center entities as checkpoints.
  • Monitor the progress of guard tours in real time from a central office.
  • View the status of checkpoints on guard tours that are in progress.
  • Start, pause, resume, and cancel guard tours from the central office.
  • Enforce and extend deadlines for checkpoints and tours.
  • See which checkpoints are inactive, in progress, paused, late, inactive, completed, or missed.
  • Generate and export reports that show trends for:
    • checkpoints that were missed, late, and on time
    • tours that were missed, late, on time, and canceled.
  • Send an email that contains the checkpoint configurations to your personnel and to use as backups of your tour configuration.