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After you create an alarm and configure its basic properties, there are additional properties you can set.


  1. Open the Alarms task and click the Alarms view.
  2. Select the alarm to configure, and click the Advanced tab.
  3. Set the following options:
    Reactivation threshold
    The minimum time Security Center needs to wait after triggering this alarm before it can be triggered again. This option prevents the system from repeatedly triggering the same alarm before it is resolved.
    Alarm procedure (URL)
    Enter the URL or the web page address corresponding to the alarm procedure, which provides alarm handling instructions to the operators. The web page is displayed when the user clicks Show alarm procedure () in the alarm widget in Security Desk.
    Assign schedules to define when this alarm is in operation. You can assign more than one schedule. Outside the periods defined by these schedules, triggering this alarm has no effect.
    Automatic acknowledgment
    Turn this option on to let the system automatically acknowledge this alarm if no one acknowledges it before the specified time (in seconds). This option is recommended for low-priority alarms that serve to alert the security operator, but do not require any action. When this option is turned off, the system follows the Auto ack alarms after option configured at the system level in Server Admin.
    NOTE: Automatic acknowledgment does not apply to alarms that have an active condition attached. To acknowledge those alarms, you need to forcibly acknowledge them (which requires the Forcibly acknowledge alarms privilege).
    Create an incident on acknowledgment
    Turn this option on to prompt the Security Desk user to report an incident every time they acknowledge an alarm.
    NOTE: Turning this option on turns the automatic acknowledgment option off.
    Automatic video recording
    Turn this option off (default=on) if you do not want to start recording video when the alarm is triggered.
    Protect recorded video
    Alarm sound
    Select the sound to play when a new alarm occurs. This sound overrides the default sound configured in Security Desk > Options > Alarms.
    NOTE: For a sound to play when an alarm is triggered, you must click Security Desk > Options > Alarms and enable the Play a sound option.
    Select a color for the alarm. The color is used for the overlay of the alarm video when it is displayed in a tile in the Alarm monitoring or Monitoring task, as well as when the alarm is triggered on a map.
  4. Click Apply.