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Health monitoring refers to a set of tools to monitor your Security Center system's health. The goal is to detect health issues early enough to avoid more serious problems in the future. Health monitoring also provides you with the information to identify the root cause of various health problems so that they can be prevented from occurring again.

Health events

The table below lists the health events by their error number and indicates their severity level, information (), warning (), or error (). The events on your system vary depending on your license options.

Error number Health event Severity
1 Archiving started Information
2 Archiving stopped Error
3 Application connected Information
4 Application disconnected by user Information
5 Application disconnected unexpectedly Warning
6 Application started Information
7 Application stopped by user Information
8 Application stopped unexpectedly Warning
9 Connection restored Information
10 Connection failed Error
11 Connection to unit established Information
12 Connection to unit stopped unexpectedly Error
13 Connection to unit stopped by user Information
14 Database automatic backup restored Information
15 Database automatic backup failed Error
16 Database recovered Information
17 Database lost Error
18 CPU usage normal Information
19 CPU usage high Warning
20 Memory usage normal Information
21 Memory usage high Warning
22 Database space normal Information
23 Database space low Warning
24 Genetec Patroller™ offload restored Information
25 Genetec Patroller™ offload failed Error
26 Genetec Patroller™ online Information
27 Genetec Patroller™ offline Information
28 Point of Sale database recovered Information
29 Point of Sale database lost Error
30 Role started Information
31 Role stopped unexpectedly Error
32 Role stopped by user Information
33 RTP packet loss normal Information
34 RTP packet loss high Warning
35 Server started Information
36 Server stopped by user Information
37 Server stopped unexpectedly Error
38 Synchronization recovered Information
39 Synchronization failed Warning
40 Video signal recovered Information
41 Video signal lost Error
42 Disk access restored Information
43 Disk access unauthorized Warning
44 Alarm trigger rate normal Information
45 Alarm trigger rate high Warning
46 Directory started Information
47 Directory stopped unexpectedly Error
48 Directory stopped by user Information
49 Remaining archive disk space normal Information
50 Remaining archive disk space low Warning
51 Live server monitoring restored Information
52 Live server monitoring failed Error
53 Directory failover: Main database recovered Information
54 Directory failover: Main database lost Error
55 Database restore succeeded Information
56 Database restore failed Error
57 Retrieving archives from units succeeded Information
58 Retrieving archivevs from units failed Error
59 Retrieving archives from units partially failed Error
60 Duplicating archives succeeded Information
61 Duplicating archives failed Error
62 Duplicating archives partially failed Error
63 Archive transfer succeeded Information
64 Archive transfer failed Error
73 Connection to camera established Information
74 Connection to camera stopped unexpectedly Error
75 Connection to camera stopped by user Information