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The LPR Manager role manages and controls the patrol vehicle software (Genetec Patroller™), Sharp cameras, and parking zones. The LPR Manager stores the LPR data (reads, hits, timestamps, GPS coordinates, and so on) collected by the devices.

Multiple instances of this role can be created on the system to provide scalability and partitioning. For example, different fleets of patrol vehicles can be managed by different LPR Managers.

NOTE: You must also enroll the LPR Processing unit under the Archiver for SharpX installations where LPR Processing Unit input/output control is required.

LPR Manager root folder

The root folder is the main folder on the computer hosting the LPR Manager. It is where all the configuration files are created, saved, and exchanged between the LPR Manager and the Genetec Patroller™ units it manages.

When you create an LPR Manager role, the root folder is created automatically on your computer, located at: C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder. If you create multiple LPR Managers, new folders are created at the same location. For example, if you create three LPR Managers, Security Center automatically creates the following folders:
  • C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder1
  • C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder2
  • C:\Genetec\AutoVu\RootFolder3
Each LPR Manager root folder includes the following subfolders:
Contains the configuration and data files to transfer to Genetec Patroller™ manually using a USB key or similar device.
Contains the LPR data offloaded by Genetec Patroller™.
Contains the delta files used by Security Center to transfer hotlist and permit list changes. Do not copy or move anything in this folder.
This folder appears when you first turn on the Update provider. It contains Security Center and Genetec Patroller™ hotfixes, as well as Sharp service and firmware updates. Genetec Patroller™ hotfixes are automatically downloaded to Genetec Patroller™ whenever it is connected to Security Center. Mobile Sharp units are updated through Genetec Patroller™, and fixed Sharp units are updated through the network.

LPR data management

The LPR data is managed by the LPR Manager role and by the Archiver role. Both roles work in tandem. If the Archiver cannot store the images (for example, when the disks are full), the LPR Manager stops storing the LPR metadata, and the Genetec Patroller™ installations and fixed Sharp units that are controlled by the LPR Manager temporarily store the data locally until the problem is resolved.

  • LPR Manager:
    • The LPR metadata (reads, hits, timestamps, Genetec Patroller™ positions, and so on) are stored by the LPR Manager role in a SQL Server database.
    • If you have many LPR Manager roles in your system, they can all be linked to the same Archiver role.
  • Archiver:
    • The LPR images (captured by context cameras, LPR cameras, and wheel imaging cameras) associated to the reads and hits are stored in the file system by an Archiver role.
    • The Archiver role follows the data retention periods configured for the LPR Manager.