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This section lists the settings found in the General settings view of the Access control task.

The Access control – General settings view lets you configure the general settings pertaining to access control, and to install and configure custom card formats.
Trigger event ‘Entity is expiring soon’
Turn this option on (default=off) to have Security Center generate the Entity is expiring soon event n days before a cardholder or a credential expires, which can trigger an action to warn someone about the upcoming expiry.
Create incident before door state override
Turn this option on (default=off) to prompt the Security Desk user to report an incident every time they lock or unlock a door manually, or override the unlock schedule assigned to the door.
Card request reasons
Add reasons that users can choose from to explain why they are requesting a credential card to be printed (for example, no printer on site).
Maximum picture file size
Set the maximum file size (default=20 KB) for pictures (such as a cardholder picture) stored in the Directory database to save disk space.
Custom card formats
Lists the custom card formats defined in your system, and allows you to add, delete, or modify them.
Mobile credential providers
Lists the mobile credential providers and profiles defined in your system, and allows you to add, delete, or modify them.