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Once new units have been discovered, you can use the Unit enrollment tool to add them to your system.


  1. From the home page, click Tools > Unit enrollment.
  2. There are three ways to add newly discovered units:
    • Add all the new discovered units at the same time by clicking the Add all () button at the lower right side of the dialog box.
    • Click on a single unit in the list, then click Add in the Status column
    • Right-click a single unit from the list and click Add or Add Unit.

      When a video unit does not have the correct username and password, the Status for the unit will be listed as Bad logon and you will be prompted to enter the correct information when you add the unit. If you want to use the same username and password for all the cameras on your system, select the Save as default authentication for all manufacturers option.

    You can also add a unit manually, by clicking the Manual add button at the bottom of the Unit enrollment tool dialog box.
    • For video units, if the added camera is an encoder with multiple streams available, each stream is added with the Camera - n string appended to the camera name, n representing the stream number. For an IP camera with only one stream available, the camera name is not modified.
    • If you are enrolling a Sharp camera running SharpOS 11.3 or earlier under the Archiver, such as to access the camera’s video streams or if LPR Processing Unit input/output control is required, you must configure the AutoVu™ extension to allow basic authentication. In Config Tool, from the Archiver's Extensions tab, select the Genetec™ AutoVu™ extension, and turn off Refuse Basic Authentication.