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The Archives report in Security Desk is empty. This occurs when the download or upload process times out.


This issue can be caused by one or several of the following:
  • Download processing issues when copying from camera to download folder location.
  • G64 file conversion processing issues.
  • G64 file conversions in progress.
  • Upload processing to Security Center archive times out.


  1. In the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader event logs, check that the files were downloaded.
  2. In Security Desk check that the downloaded files are in the archives folder.

    For example, C:\VideoArchives\Archiver\0000166\2018-02-26.

  3. If you see .G64 mentioned in the archives folder file path, wait a few minutes.

    The role needs time to convert the files so that the Archiver can read them.

  4. If the Archiver is still empty or unresponsive, do the following:
    1. In Config Tool, deactivate and activate the Wearable Camera Manager role.
    2. In Config Tool, deactivate and activate the Archiver role.
  5. In Security Desk generate the Archives report again.