Configuring map clustering options in Security Center - Security Center 5.7

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Security Center 5.7
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By default, groups of three or more map objects that are located close together are represented by blue cluster bubbles on a map. If you have a small number of cameras or other map objects on your map, you can reconfigure or disable this feature from the LnkMaps.config file.


  1. Open the LnkMaps.config file, located in the ConfigurationFiles folder of your Security Center installation folder.
  2. To disable clustering, add the following code to the <Maps> line:
  3. To disable clustering only if there are less than x number of map objects on your map, add the following code to the <Maps> line, and specify the desired number of map objects:
  4. To change the default number of map objects that must be close together in order for cluster bubbles to appear, add the following code to the <Maps> line, and change the number from 3 to the desired number:
  5. Save the LnkMaps.config file, and then restart Config Tool and Security Desk.


The next time you open Config Tool or Security Desk, the map clustering changes are made.