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To jump to adjacent cameras from a displayed camera in Security Desk, you must configure visual tracking by creating on-video overlays for a camera.

What you should know

Visual tracking is onlysupported for PTZ cameras if they are used as fixed cameras.


  1. Open the Area view task.
  2. Select a camera, and click the Visual tracking tab.
  3. Select either the Rectangle or Ellipse drawing tool, and draw a shape over the live video.
    Tip: If you configure many cameras to use the same polygon overlays, you can copy and paste the polygons from one camera to another using the standard shortcuts.
  4. Resize, reposition, and rotate the shape using your mouse, or using the Size and Position parameters.
  5. Select the fill color and opacity for the overlay.
    Tip: An opacity of 60% is a good balance between transparency and visibility.
  6. Set a border color and thickness.
  7. From the area view inside the Visual tracking tab, drag the cameras you want to jump to onto the colored shape.
    NOTE: Click Entities () in the toolbar to display the area view.

    The camera names appear in the Entities view. If multiple cameras are associated with the same overlay, the Security Desk user must select a camera before jumping to that camera, instead of just clicking on the colored overlay.

  8. Add as many overlays as necessary.
  9. Click Apply.