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When you have many similar entities to configure, you can save time by copying the settings of one entity to others of the same type using the Copy configuration tool.

Before you begin

If you are copying camera settings, make sure the cameras are the same brand and model so the settings match.

What you should know

(Cameras only) If you are copying the camera’s network settings, only the streaming settings are copied (Connection type and UDP port). The Multicast address is not copied.


  1. Open the Copy configuration tool one of the following ways:
    • From the Config Tool home page, click Tools > Copy configuration tool.
    • From the Config Tool, right-click an entity in any entity tree, and then click Copy > Copy configuration tool.
  2. If you opened the Copy configuration tool from the home page, then select an entity type, and click Next.
  3. In the Source page, select which entity you want to copy the settings from, and click Next.
  4. In the Options page, select the types of settings you want to copy, and click Next.
    To know which options are available for each entity, see the following list.
  5. In the Destinations page, select the entities you want to copy the settings to, and click Next.
  6. When the copying process is completed, click Close.

After you finish

If you copied camera settings, test the settings that are dependent on camera location (for example, motion detection or color) on the camera you copied the configuration to. You might have to adjust the settings, depending on whether the camera is inside or outside, in a busy or quiet location, and so on.