Deploying your video surveillance system - Security Center 5.7

Security Center Administrator Guide 5.7

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Security Center 5.7
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To integrate a variety of video capabilities, you can deploy your video surveillance system once the pre-configuration steps are completed.

What you should know

Information about how to set up a typical video installation is described here. Your process might be different, depending on your specific installation requirements.


  1. Use the Admin account on Config Tool to connect to your system.
  2. Create a partition for each independent group of entities.
    By defining the partitions first, you will not have to move entities around after you have created them.
  3. To organize the entities in your system (areas, doors, and so on), configure the area view.
  4. Configure the Archiver role.
  5. Configure your networking environment.
  6. If necessary, set up additional Archiver roles.
  7. Configure the Auxiliary Archiver roles.
  8. Configure the Media Router role.
  9. Define custom fields for your system entities.
  10. Create user groups and create users.
  11. If necessary, federate remote Omnicast™ systems.
  12. Create alarms.