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Both HID and Synergis™ units can be used for elevator control. However, due to HID's many limitations regarding elevator control, we only recommend Synergis™ units for new installations.

NOTE: If you need to replace a defective HID VertX V1000 unit that controls an elevator, we strongly recommend switching to Synergis™ units, especially if you have unlock schedules on your floors.
Supported features HID units Synergis™ units
Controller models / number of inputs / number of outputs
  • HID VertX V2000 / 4 /6
  • HID iClass Edge / 2 / 2
  • HID VertX V1000 with
    • V100 / 4 / 4
    • V200 / 2 / 18
    • V300 / 12 / 4
Synergis™ unit requires interface modules for I/O:
  • HID VertX
    • V100 / 4 / 4
    • V200 / 2 / 18
    • V300 / 12 / 4
  • Mercury
    • MR50 / 2 / 2
    • MR52 / 8 / 6
    • MR16IN / 16 / 2
    • MR16OUT / 0 / 16
  • STid readers

Interface modules from different manufacturers can be mixed on the same unit.

Number of elevators per unit One. Up to 32.

One Synergis™ unit can support up to 32 interface modules. So, one Synergis™ unit could support 32 elevators with 6 floors each (using 32 MR52), or 6 elevators with 60 floors each.

This number will be less if you use floor tracking, since you need to replace output modules with input modules. With V100 and V300 modules, you get a little less, since they have less outputs per module.

Mixed use An HID unit used to control an elevator cannot be used to control anything else. A Synergis™ unit can be used to control elevators, doors, and zones, all at the same time.
Reader types
  • Wiegand
  • Clock & Data
  • Wiegand (Dorado)
  • Clock & Data (Dorado)
  • Wiegand
  • Clock & Data
  • Wiegand (Dorado)
  • Clock & Data (Dorado)
  • STid smart card readers
Exception to access rules Not supported. Can be configured for the cabin reader and each individual floor.
Floor tracking Only supported when the unit is online (connected to the Access Manager). Supported even when the unit is offline (disconnected from the Access Manager).
Single floor selection per access grant Not supported. As soon as the cardholder selects a floor, and the Synergis™ unit receives the signal from the floor tracking input, all floor outputs return to controlled state.
Non-overlapping elevator grant time Not supported.

All floors released by the first card read stay released when a second card is read before the grant time expires.


A subsequent card read ends the current grant time on all floors released by the previous card read, regardless whether the previous cardholder selected a floor or not.

Different access schedules for different floors.

Scenario: Bob is granted access to floor 1 from 9 am to 10 am through access rule 1, and to floor 2 from 10 am to 11 am through access rule 2.

Not supported.

Schedules from different access rules applied to different floors are merged when the rules are granted to the same cardholder.

In our sample scenario, Bob has access to both floor 1 and 2 from 9 am to 11 am.


Schedules from different access rules applied to different floors are kept separate.

In our sample scenario, Bob can only access floor 1 from 9 am to 10 am, and floor 2 from 10 am to 11 am.