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Security Center 5.7
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You configure the settings of the Intrusion Manager role from the Intrusion detection task in Security Center Config Tool.

Intrusion Manager - Properties tab

Click the Properties tab to configure the retention period of the intrusion events in the Intrusion Manager database.
Keep events
Specify how long to keep the intrusion detection events that are logged by the Intrusion Manager in the database, before they are deleted.
Reconnection delay
Specify how long the Intrusion Manager waits before trying to reconnect to a unit that went offline.

Intrusion Manager - Extensions tab

Click the Extensions tab to view the intrusion unit models controlled by this Intrusion Manager role.

All supported extensions are created by default when the role is created.

Intrusion Manager - Resources tab

Click the Resources tab to configure the servers and database assigned to this role.
Servers hosting this role.
Database status
Current status of the database.
Database server
Name of the SQL Server service (default=(local)\SQLEXPRESS).
Name of the database instance.
Maintenance functions you can perform on the role’s database:
Create a database ()
Create a new database.
Delete the database ()
Delete the database.
Database info ()
Show the database information.
Notifications ()
Set up notifications for when the database space is running low.
Backup/restore ()
Back up or restore the database.