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This section lists the settings found in Intrusion detection unit configuration tabs, in the Intrusion detection task.

Intrusion detection unit - Properties tab

In the Properties tab, you can configure the hardware-specific options for this unit.
Clear logs after download is completed
Erase the log from the intrusion panel once it is downloaded to Security Center.
Interface type
The interface type cannot be changed after the entity is created. If you need to change the interface type, you need to delete the entity and re-create it.
Host (IPv4 interface only)
Host name or IP address of the intrusion panel.
Connection port number of the intrusion panel.
Automatic synchronization
Select this option of you want the clock on the intrusion panel to be synchronized with Security Center.
Synchronize now
Synchronize the intrusion panel with Security Center now.

Intrusion detection unit - Peripherals tab

In the Peripherals tab, you can view the peripherals (inputs pins and output relays) connected to the intrusion detection unit.
Name given to the I/O device in Security Center.
Physical name
Physical name of the device.
Logical ID
Logical ID given to the device in Security Center.
Description given to the device in Security Center.
Input type (inputs only)
Type of input, as configured on the intrusion panel.
The input does not have a set type. If you select this option, the input is considered as a Perimeter input type.
The input monitors the perimeter of an intrusion detection area.
The input monitors inside the intrusion detection area.
Contact type (inputs only)
Default contact state.
Normally option
The normal contact state of the input is open.
Normally closed
The normal contact state of the input is closed.