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You configure the settings of the Omnicast™ Federation™ role from the Roles view of the System task in Security Center Config Tool.

Omnicast™ Federation™ - Identity tab

Click the Identity tab to view descriptive information about this role and jump to the configuration page of related entities.
Role group
An advanced setting that is only necessary if you plan on hosting more than 40 Omnicast™ Federation™ roles on the same server.

Omnicast™ Federation™ - Properties tab

Click the Properties tab to configure the connection parameters to the remote Omnicast™ system, and the default video stream and events you want to receive from it.
Connection status
Shows the connection status of the Federation™ role to the remote Omnicast™ system.
Name of the Omnicast™ Gateway connecting you to the remote Omnicast™ system.
Username and password
Credentials used by the Federation™ role to log on to the remote Omnicast™ system. The rights and privileges of that user determine what your local users can see and do on the federated remote system.
Version of the federated Omnicast™ system. This list only contains Omnicast™ versions that you have installed a compatibility pack for.
Default live stream
Default video stream used for viewing live video from federated Omnicast™ cameras.
Federated events
Select the events you want to receive from the federated Omnicast™ system. Events are necessary if you plan to monitor the federated entities in Security Desk, or to configure event-to-actions for the federated entities.
Reset connection
Force the Federation™ role to reconnect to the remote system.

Omnicast™ Federation™ - Resources tab

Click the Resources tab to configure the servers assigned to this role.The Omnicast™ Federation™ role does not require a database.
Servers hosting this role.