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When AutoVu™ is enabled in your system, you need to create additional firewall rules to allow proper communication between Security Center and external AutoVu™ components.

IMPORTANT: Exposing Security Center to the Internet is strongly discouraged without hardening your system first. Before exposing your system, implement the advanced security level described in the Security Center Hardening Guide to help protect your system from Internet threats. Alternatively, use a trusted VPN for remote connections.

The following table lists the default network ports used by AutoVu™ applications in Security Center. To view the network diagram, click here.

Application Inbound Outbound Port usage
LPR Manager   UDP 5000 Fixed Sharp unit discovery
TCP 8731   Fixed Sharp units and Genetec Patroller™ installations
TCP 8787   Pay-by-Plate (plugin installed separately)
TCP 8832   Updater service
  TCP 8001 Sharp control port
  TCP 2323 Sharp unit configuration (HTTP)
Flexreader™ (Sharp unit) TCP 80   Video port (Security Center extension HTTP)
TCP 443   Video port (Security Center extension HTTPS)
TCP 2323   Extension configuration service (HTTP)
TCP 4502-4534   Silverlight ports and image feed service (for Sharp models prior to SharpV)
TCP 4545   Control port (Mobile installation)
UDP 5000   Discovery port
TCP 8001   Control port (Fixed installation)
  TCP 21 FTP file upload
  TCP 8666 Communication with Updater Service
Portal Server (Sharp unit) TCP 80   Communication port (HTTP)
TCP 443   Secure communication port (HTTPS)
Updater service (Sharp unit and in-vehicle computer) TCP 8666   Communication with Flexreader™ (greetings only)
TCP 8889 TCP 8899 Communication with Genetec Patroller™ Updater
  TCP 8832 Communication with LPR Manager
Genetec Patroller™ (in-vehicle computer) TCP 4546   Communication with Time server
TCP 8001   Communication with Simple Host
  UDP 5000 Sharp camera discovery
  TCP 8666 Communication with Updater Service (greetings only)
  TCP 8731 LPR Manager connection