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For Security Center to work properly, you need to create firewall rules to allow proper communication between the various services.

IMPORTANT: Exposing Security Center to the Internet is strongly discouraged without hardening your system first. Before exposing your system, implement the advanced security level described in the Security Center Hardening Guide to help protect your system from Internet threats. Alternatively, use a trusted VPN for remote connections.

The following table lists the default network ports used by core applications in Security Center. To view the network diagram, click here.

Application Inbound Outbound Port usage
Directory TCP 5500   Client connections
Client applications (Security Desk, Config Tool, SDK)   TCP 5500 Genetec™ Server/Directory communication
  TCP 8012 Map download requests to Map Manager (HTTPS)
Client applications (Config Tool)   TCP 443 Communication with GTAP for Genetec™ Advantage validation and feedback (HTTPS)
All roles (new installation) TCP 5500 TCP 5500 Genetec™ Server/Directory communication
TCP 4502 TCP 4502 Genetec™ Server communication (backward compatibility with Security Center 5.3 and earlier)
TCP 80 TCP 80 REST/Server Admin communication (HTTP)
TCP 443 TCP 443 Secured REST/Server Admin communication (HTTPS)
All roles (upgraded from 5.3 and earlier) TCP 4502 TCP 4502 If 4502 was the server port before the upgrade, then 4502 remains the server port after the upgrade, and 4503 is used for backward compatibility.

If another port was used as server port before the upgrade, then that same port is kept as server port after the upgrade. 4502 is then used for backward compatibility, and 4503 is not necessary.

TCP 4503 TCP 4503
Intrusion Manager TCP 3001 TCP 3001 Communication with Bosch intrusion panels
Map Manager TCP 8012   Map download requests from client application (HTTPS)
Genetec™ Update Service (GUS) TCP 4595 TCP 4595 Communication with other GUS servers
TCP 443 TCP 443 Communication with Azure and Genetec Inc. (HTTPS)
System Availability Monitor Agent (SAMA) TCP 4592   Connection from Security Center servers
  TCP 443 Connection to the Health Service in the Cloud (HTTPS)