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Some roles in Security Center do not support failover, and others only support failover under certain conditions.

The following table lists which Security Center roles support failover, the failover approach they use, and any special requirements they might have.

Role Supports failover Comments and exceptions
Access Manager Yes  
Active Directory Yes  
Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Yes The ADFS role runs on the same server as the Directory role. If Directory failover is configured, then the URL of every Directory server on your system must be added as as endpoints to the Security Center relying party trust of the ADFS server that the ADFS role is connected to.
Archiver Yes Can have up to two secondary servers assigned to an Archiver role. Each server requires its own database, hosted locally or on a separate computer.
Auxiliary Archiver Not applicable The function of the Auxiliary Archiver is to ensure that video archives remain available when the Archiver fails.
Directory Yes Can run simultaneously on up to five servers. Also supports Directory database failover.
Directory Manager Not applicable The function of the Directory Manager is to manage the Directory failover and load balancing.
Global Cardholder Synchronizer Yes  
Health Monitor Yes  
Intrusion Manager Yes Only when the intrusion panels are connected using IP. Failover is not supported if the intrusion panels are connected using serial ports.
LPR Manager Yes Extra resources must be shared between the servers assigned to the role. The Root folder of the role must follow the UNC convention and must be accessible to all servers. the paths to the hotlist and permit entities must also follow the UNC convention and be accessible to all servers. The WatermarkEncryptionParameters.xml file found in the installation folder of the primary server must be copied to all secondary servers.
Map Manager Yes
Best Practice: It is best to set the map cache to a location that can be reached by all servers assigned to the role.
Media Gateway Yes  
Media Router Yes The primary and secondary servers can each have a separate database, hosted locally, or on another computer.
Omnicast™ Federation™ Yes  
Plugin Yes  
Report Manager Yes  
Security Center Federation™ Yes  
Web-based SDK Yes  
Web Client Server Yes The Web Client must reconnect to a different URL when the role fails over to a different server.
Zone Manager Yes