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Normally, actions are applied to a specific entity. However, the actions that you configure for a threat level can be applied to a specific entity, or to all entities of the entity type related to that action.

For example, the action Start recording normally applies to one camera. However, when you are configuring a threat level, you can select All entities so that all the cameras start recording when the threat level is set.
NOTE: If you select a specific entity for your action, the action will be applied to the selected entity regardless whether the entity is found under the area where the threat level is set or not.

Actions exclusive to threat levels

The following actions are unique to threat level configuration.

Action name Target entity Description
Set minimum security clearance area (Location) Sets the minimum security clearance level required from cardholders to enter the area on top of the restrictions imposed by the access rules.

Additional parameter:

Security clearance
The minimum security clearance level required to enter the selected area. (0=highest level, 7=lowest level or no special clearance required).

The security clearance option is only visible to administrative users. This action only works with door controllers that support this feature. The range of supported values might vary, depending on the access control hardware.

Set minimum user level N/A Logs out users with a lower user level than the one you specify when a threat level is set, and prevents them from logging back on.

Additional parameter:

User level
The minimum user level (1=highest level, 254=lowest level) required to log on to the system, or to stay logged on to the system.

This action is only executed when the threat level is set at the system level. If the user setting the threat level has a user level below the required minimum, that user is logged off the system the moment the threat level is set.

Set reader mode area, door (Location) Sets the reader mode for accessing doors.

Additional parameter:

Reader mode
Select whether access is granted using Card and PIN, or Card or PIN, for the selected areas.

This action only works with door controllers and readers that support this feature.