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If the Record button is yellow () in the camera widget or in the tle video controls of the Monitoring task, the Archiver is not recording video from the camera.

The recording problem can be caused by video and audio from the camera or by encryption keys generated by the Archiver.

The following troubleshooting steps are recommended to resolve this issue:

Recording problem Possible cause Troubleshooting

Unable to write data on the hard drive.

The Archiver is unable to write to the disk.

  1. Verify that the Archiver can access the disk.
  2. Verify that the disk is not full.

Unable to write data in the database.

The Archiver is unable to update the database.

  1. Verify that the Archiver has access to the database.
  2. Verify that the database disk is not full.
  3. Verify that the database server is not overloaded.

Not receiving video stream.

The camera should be streaming but no stream is received.

  1. Verify that the camera is streaming live video.
  2. Verify that the firewall ports are configured correctly.
  3. Run a Wireshark analysis to determine why the Archiver is not receiving the stream.