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You can monitor the overall health of your system, using the Health statistics report.

What you should know

By monitoring the health and availability of certain resources such as server roles, video units, door controllers, intrusion detection panels, and so on, you can identify instabilities, and even prevent critical system failures.

One of the important fields in the Health statistics report is the Availability of a given entity. Availability is expressed as a percentage.


  1. Open the Health statistics task.
  2. Set up the query filters for your report. Choose one or more of the following filters:
    Custom fields
    Restrict the search to a predefined custom field for the entity. This filter only appears if custom fields are defined for the entity, and if the custom field was made visible to you when it was created or last configured.
    Event timestamp
    Define the time range for the query. The range can be defined for a specific period or for global time units, such as the previous week or the previous month.
    Source entity
    Source entity of the event.
    Source group
    Source entity group of the event. Usually a role or a unit.
  3. Click Generate report.
    The health statistics for the selected entities are listed in the report pane. If health statistics could not be calculated for a given role or entity, the reason is shown in the Calculation status column of the report pane:
    One or more events used to calculate availability are currently disabled
    The system administrator needs to select which health events to monitor by configuring the Health monitor role. .
    One or more servers from the system are offline
    The server hosting the selected role is offline, therefore, the health statistics cannot be calculated for the role.


A door controller called Gym was down four times over the last week, producing 90.72% availability. From the report results, you can see that this door controller is a potential concern, and have a maintenance crew come and look at the door.