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This section lists the settings found in the ALPR unit Properties tab, in the ALPR task.

In the Properties tab, you can view hardware and software information about the Sharp unit, such as the IP address and port being used. You can also associate a specific hotlist to the Sharp, or link the ALPR camera in the Sharp to an Omnicast™ camera, or the Sharp's own context camera.
Displays hardware and software information about the Sharp unit:
IP address
IP address of the Sharp unit.
Port used by the ALPR Manager to communicate with the Sharp unit.
AutoVu PlateReaderServer software version running on the unit.
Unit hardware version.
Serial number
Unit factory installed serial number.
Updater Service version
Displays the Updater service version running on the Sharp.
Firmware version
Displays the firmware version running on the Sharp.
Network configuration (Fixed Sharps only)
IP address
The IP address of the fixed Sharp. The ALPR Manager searches for the Sharp unit at this IP address.
How the Sharp unit was enrolled in Security Center:
The ALPR Manager discovered the Sharp unit on the network using the discovery port.
The Sharp was added manually in Security Center Config Tool.
Port used by the ALPR Manager to communicate with the fixed Sharp unit.
Link the ALPR camera to an Omnicast™ camera.
File association
Select how the Sharp behaves with hotlists:
Inherit from ALPR Manager role
The Sharp uses the hotlists associated with its parent ALPR Manager. This is the default setting.
Associate specific hotlists with the Sharp unit. This allows you to create Event-to-actions in Security Desk that trigger on that specific hotlist. For example, if you’re using the Sharp to allow access to a parking lot, you would put the vehicle plates on a hotlist, and then associate that hotlist to the Sharp.
NOTE: To reboot a fixed Sharp, click the Reboot button found in the toolbar at the bottom of the Config Tool workspace. If the Reboot button is not visible, log on to the Sharp Portals’s Configuration page, and then select Accept remote reboot requests.