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City Parking Enforcement is a Genetec Patroller™ software installation that is configured for the enforcement of parking permit and overtime restrictions.

In City Parking Enforcement, Genetec Patroller™ matches plates on parked vehicles to overtime rules (rules about how long vehicles are allowed to park), permit lists (lists of vehicles that are allowed to park), or for both overtime rules and permit lists.

You can also use City Parking Enforcement with wheel imaging with to provide additional evidence of whether or not a vehicle has moved.

Here are some examples of when you would use each type of enforcement rule:
Overtime rule alone
To maximize turnover and to avoid free parking abuse in a commercial area, vehicles are allowed to park for only two hours on main streets between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Any vehicles parked for more than two hours are in violation of the overtime rule. This results in an overtime hit in Genetec Patroller™. In this example, you don’t need a permit list because there are no exceptions to the rule.
Permit list alone
Some residential areas allow only permit holders to park on neighborhood streets. Any vehicle parked in the area without a permit is in violation of the permit list. This results in a permit hit in Genetec Patroller™. In this example, you don’t need an overtime rule because there are no time limits. Any vehicle parked without a valid permit (for example, an expired permit or no permit) is in violation, regardless of the day or time.
Overtime rule and permit list together
Some residential areas allow permit holders to park indefinitely, and non-permit holders to park for a limited time. Any vehicle without a permit, that is parked in the area longer than the limit allows, is in violation of the overtime rule. This results in an overtime hit. In this example, you need both an overtime rule, and a permit list to determine if a parked vehicle is in violation.
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