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A Federal Agency Smart Credential Number (FASC-N) is an identifier used in the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials issued by US Federal Agencies. FASC-N credential bit lengths vary based on reader configuration; Security Center natively recognizes 75-bit and 200-bit formats.

Creating credentials

For PIV credentials, you can select either the FASC-N 75 bits or FASC-N 200-bit format while manually generating a credential in Config Tool or Security Desk.
NOTE: 200-bit FASC-N is also called Full FASC-N.

In Security Desk, you can use Batch enrollment in the Credential management task to create multiple FASC-N or GUID data. For more information, see.Enrolling multiple credentials automatically

Security Center recognizes CIV or PIV-I credentials as RAW 128-bit credentials, which can be mapped to a custom card format.

Import tool and SDK

The FASC-N formats are also available through the Import tool and the Security Center SDK.

When importing, select the Credential raw data binding.

NOTE: If you do not associate a card format while importing data, a credential will be generated with an empty Global Unique Identifier, or GUID.