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Law Enforcement is a Genetec Patroller™ software installation that is configured for law enforcement: the matching of license plate reads against lists of wanted license plates (hotlists). The use of maps is optional.

As you patrol, the Sharp cameras installed on the vehicle automatically read plates and send the information to Genetec Patroller™. If a plate is on a loaded hotlist, Genetec Patroller™ alerts you, and you can take immediate action.

Hotlists typically contain information on stolen vehicles, scofflaw suspects, amber alerts, and so on. The use of in-vehicle mapping with a Law Enforcement installation is optional.

You can have up to six Sharp cameras installed on a patrol vehicle. This allows you to capture the maximum number of plates on vehicles in different lanes and even those traveling in the opposite direction. The following diagram shows a Genetec Patroller™ law enforcement vehicle equipped with four cameras: