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A body-worn camera (BWC), also known as a wearable camera, is a video recording system that is typically used by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes.

Wearable Camera Manager role

Wearable Camera Manager role is used to configure and manage body-worn camera (BWC) devices in Security Center, including configuring camera stations, adding officers (wearable camera users), uploading content to an Archiver, and setting the retention period for uploaded evidence.

You can use this role when you do not or cannot upload your evidence data to the cloud (Genetec Clearance™), or when you want to access Security Center Archiver functions such as retention period.

You can then search body-worn camera archives using the Archives task in Security Desk.

Body-worn camera station

A body-worn camera station is a physical device or software used to automatically upload media from a body-worn camera to Genetec Clearance™ or the Wearable Camera Manager role in Security Center, depending on which .json file is used.