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A custom field is a user-defined property that is associated with an entity type and is used to store additional information that is useful to your organization.

Custom fields can include any information that you define. They can use data types that are available by default in Security Center, or you can create your own data types. Once custom fields are added, they are available in all database reports and queries related to the entity they are defined for. If a custom field contains private information, you can restrict certain groups of users from seeing that field.

For example, you can add Gender, Home number, and Cellphone number as custom fields for cardholder entities, and only allow the Human Resource user group to access that information.

Limitations of custom fields

Custom fields are always local to the system where they are defined.
  • In a Federation scenario, custom fields are not imported from the federated system. However, you can associate custom fields as local attributes to federated entities.
  • In an Active Directory (AD) integration scenario, custom fields can be mapped to AD attributes to display their values in your local system, but not to update the AD.

Standard data types

Security Center includes the following default data types for custom fields:
Alphanumeric text.
Integers in the range -2147483648 to 2147483647.
Real numbers from -1E28 to 1E28.
Gregorian calendar date and time.
Boolean data, represented by a check box.
Image file. The supported formats are: .bmp, .jpg, .gif, and .png.
Security Center entity.